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13 Appartitions


4th October - 7th November 2004

curated by Jolanta Jagiello and Belinda Tournier

13 Hallowen Masks - Weird, Wonderful, and Wearable

13 Apparitions is a new group exhibition taking place in Eden restaurant to celebrate Halloween. The restaurant will provide a backdrop for 13 masks made by 13 artists especially for this Halloween season.

These masks have existed for centuries in many cultures all over the world. Traditionally made to transform or exaggerate the features of the human face to tell a story. They create a feeling of mystery and ambiguity as they eerily distort and hide the wearers face.

This exhibition is a celebration of the history and meaning of the mask, ranging from macabre images reminiscent of horror films such as Halloween, The Mummy, The Wicker Man and Scream. There will also be masks derived from other cultures such as Maori style, Balinese artistry and the Taotie monster faces from Ancient China. The masks are created from an array of materials, including natural, synthetic and found objects through to beautiful fabrics manifesting only the slightest impression of the face.

appartitions/elaine_arkell.jpgPixelatiously Prepared
by Elaine Arkell
Artist Statement
appartitions/marcus_quintal.jpg Tribemans Stones
by Marcus Quintal
Artist Statement
by Tina Bolyos
Artist Statement
appartitions/susi_martin_taylor.jpgBonfire - burn bright!
by Susi Martin-Taylor
Artist Statement
appartitions/carol_wong.jpgTaotie Hallucination
by Carol Wong
Artist Statement
appartitions/clo_lepps.jpgThe Foliate Mask
by Clo Lepps
Artist Statement
by Susie Whyton
Artist Statement
by Belinda Tournier
Artist Statement
appartitions/caron_stenner.jpgThe Death Mask
by Caron Stenner
Artist Statement
appartitions/jolanta_jagiello.jpgThe Screaming
by Jolanta Jagiello
Artist Statement
appartitions/jennie_frith.jpg Rouge Angel
by Jenni Frith
Artist Statement
by Claire Tanner
Artist Statement
appartitions/pippa_jameson_evans.jpg Homage to Arcimboldo
by Pippa Jameson Evans
Artist Statement