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The Williamson Tunnels

Under Liverpools Edge Hill is a mysterious underground kingdom of winding tunnels and caverns built in the 1820s and 1830s by local philanthropist Joseph Williamson. You can take a 40 minute guided tour through a reopened section of the maze of tunnels, and learn about Williamsons motives for the  construction of  the tunnels.


The exhibition is ideally suited for visitors interested in Art, Eccentricity and the Williamson Tunnels. A diverse number of contemporary visual art responses to the theme of Liverpools eccentric character, are sited in the underground labyrinth of tunnels created by The Mole of Edge Hill. Enjoy and view the artwork both outside and inside the labyrinth, whilst experiencing its history during the 40 minute guided tours in hard hats.

Interactive Map

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edgecentrics/dripdigipakfront.jpgMusic For The Williamson Tunnels A Collection Of The Sound Of Dripping Water
by Alan Dunn and Jeff Young
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0047.jpgEdgecentric Story-making
by Laura Wild
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/3.pngWild Gourmets Menu - Stir-Fried, Oven-Baked, Charcoal-Grilled
by Jolanta Jagiello
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0375.jpgA Seam of Reason
by Kate Hammersley
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0384.jpgMany Hands Make...
by Jayne Lloyd
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0341.jpgHiTIME MACHINE
by Jill Rock
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0305.jpguntitled (2008)
by Brigitte Jurack
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/100_2071.jpgBreaking The Mold
by Jeremy Turner
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0292.jpgThe Life and Opinions of Laurence Sterne and his Work(1713-1768)
by Sumi and Suvey Perera
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/Lindsay.pngA Williamson Tunnel within a Williamson Tunnel
by Lindsay Evans
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0242.jpgMathematical Eccentricity
by Emma Jean Kemp
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/idea-or-12.pngTigerman and Fowlman
by Lorraine Clarke
Artist Statement
by Julia Dennis
Artist Statement
by Margaret Cahill
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0195.jpgA way of Life
by Liz Tunn
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0161.jpgDO YOU DIG THIS?
by Megan Broadmeadow
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/100_2120.jpg Warrior, Nomad, Cathedral, Fetish, Small Wonder
by Sophie Woodrow
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0071.jpgMason Street Memorial
by Deborah Gardner
Artist Statement
edgecentrics/DSC_0017.jpgMines a Diddy one!
by Julia Peat
Artist Statement