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Grounds for Design


Contemporary responses to Garden Arcadia

12th May - 24th July 2005

The Fourth Annual Show at MoDA

This show provides the visitor with a range of contemporary responses to Garden Arcadia from the ornamental to more absurd, spread across the lawns, hanging from trees, tucked away in the woods. The garden - a place of display and delight, is undoubtedly uppermost in the minds of these artists with features, such as, Garden Shed, Classical Gnome, Sundial, Wind Chime, Kaleidoscope, Contoured Tree, Voting Booth! As Philip De Bay and James Bolton state in their book Garden Mania: And to intensify the gratification of the senses, what better than to array this paradise regained with ingenuous ornaments to amuse and beguile the visitor ...

The Art of the Garden

The first garden, Garden of Eden, locates the garden as a symbolic space, an embodiment of ideas. Where else but this exhibition can you find the memorial, monumental, classical, metaphysical, spiritual, botanical, floral, ecological, and political, all in one space! The garden as a symbol of human and earthly transience is the underlying theme here, making it simply the place for relaxation, cultivation, and contemplation. The show year was full of dynamism brought together an eclectic group of artists. This successful formula has been repeated under the curatorship of Jolanta Jagiello, who has delivered another outdoor show worth the trip to the green and leafy spaces around MoDA.

Interactive Map

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grounds/marcus_quintal.jpgPropagation Unit
by Marcus Quintal
Artist Statement
grounds/helen_giles.jpgTwist 1
by Helen Giles
Artist Statement
by Toko Harris
Artist Statement
grounds/elaine_arkell.jpgDrawn to Attention
by Elaine Arkell
Artist Statement
grounds/claire_tanner.jpgAbout War !!
by Claire Tanner
Artist Statement
grounds/sonja_kerkhoff.jpgInland Soul at Sea
by Sonja Van Kerkhoff and Sen McGlinn
Artist Statement
by Daniel Lehan and Steve Johnson
Artist Statement
grounds/steve_hines.jpgLe Gnome Classique
by Steve Hines
Artist Statement
by Sharon Forsthye
Artist Statement
by Deborah Gardner
Artist Statement
grounds/jolanta_jagiello.jpgPark Benches
by Jolanta Jagiello
Artist Statement
grounds/silvia_claire.jpgColumns for the release of Emotion
by Silvia Clare
Artist Statement
grounds/pippa_jameson_evans.jpgHortus Conclusus Kaleidoscope
by Pippa Jameson-Evans
Artist Statement
by Darryl Moore
Artist Statement
by Susi Martin-Taylor
Artist Statement
grounds/marilyn_collins.jpgHoap of Tree
by Marilyn Collins
Artist Statement
by Joan Edlis
Artist Statement
grounds/hilary_sleiman.jpgCapuchin Sundial
by Hilary Sleiman
Artist Statement
grounds/derek_curtis.jpgA Wood Cut
by Derek Curtis
Artist Statement