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Here Lies ART!


A Public Art Exhibition of Victorian Funeral Traditions

in Anglican Chapel at Nunhead Cemetery

Curated by Jolanta Jagiello

Open House Weekend: 18th to 19th September 2010

During Victorian times no funeral was complete without pomp and ceremony provided by undertakers with black-plumed horses, elaborate horse-drawn hearses, funeral coaches, and attendants. It is not easy to understand the Victorian pre-occupation with death nor the logic applied to the expense of a funeral. The onset of World War I brought the demand for ornate funerals to an end.

This public art exhibition brings these funeral traditions alive in the splendid restored Anglican Chapel at Nunhead Cemetery, one of the Magnificent Seven Victorian cemeteries on the outskirts of London, opened in 1840. Here Lies Art inspired by: burials and catacombs, tombs and monuments, mourning dress and stationery, angels and symbols of death. And a photographic tribute to the Leysdown tragedy, where 8 Walworth scouts drowned at sea, one of them, William Beckham, is an ascendant of the footballer David Beckham.

Come and be entertained by death: make our Victorian mute smile played by Megan Broadmeadow, take rest on the bench designed by Julia Peat and then read a poem in rhyming slang, enjoy an informative poetry performance by Narayani Guibarra on Victorian mourning dresses, and hear a Great War poem by David Jones, read by Hywel Wynn Jones and Jill Rock, and special poetry performance by Sarah Reilly. Tours up to the top of the turret tower and into the crypt of the Chapel are available in the afternoon.

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In Association With:
hereliesart/elizabetta_fumagalli.JPGAncestral Guardians
by Elisabetta Fumagalli
Artist Statement
hereliesart/geraldine_hallett.JPGBroken Memorials
by Geraldine Hallet
Artist Statement
hereliesart/jeremy_turner.JPGGreen Green Grass of Home
by Jeremy Turner
Artist Statement
by Alex Halfin
Artist Statement
by Lorraine Clarke
Artist Statement
hereliesart/linda_lomri.JPGThe Uninvited Guest
by Linda Lomri
Artist Statement
hereliesart/desiree_ickerodt.JPGThe Remains of the child
by Desiree Ickerodt
Artist Statement
by Mike Hoath
Artist Statement
hereliesart/brian_mckenzie.JPGFell Asleep
by Brian McKenzie
Artist Statement
hereliesart/deborah_gardner.JPGObjects of Desire
by Deborah Gardner
Artist Statement
hereliesart/kath_cottee.JPGNever More
by Kath Cottee
Artist Statement
hereliesart/bridget_mckenzie.JPGThe Leysdown Tradegy - a memorial walk
by Bridget McKenzie
Artist Statement
by Elizabeth Chojak-Mysko
Artist Statement
hereliesart/dorothy_love.JPGUnknown Family
by Dorothy Love
Artist Statement
by Jill Rock and Richard Cardew
Artist Statement
by Gillian Laidlaw
Artist Statement
by Jeff Soan
Artist Statement
hereliesart/julia_peat.JPGRest in Peace
by Julia Peat
Artist Statement
hereliesart/mali.JPGMemories Remain
by Mali
Artist Statement
by Sara Scott
Artist Statement
hereliesart/megan_mckenzie.JPGA Bees Grave
by Megan Mckenzie
Artist Statement
hereliesart/nick_baetz.JPGTwist and Turn
by Nick Baelz
Artist Statement
hereliesart/ cold and stiff from Oliver Twist. (p.6)
by Jane Howard
Artist Statement
hereliesart/kim_thornton.JPGLife Death Mask
by Kim Thornton
Artist Statement
hereliesart/debora_mo.JPGA slumber did their spirits seal
by Debora Mo
Artist Statement
hereliesart/lydia_hardwick.JPGHeadless Birds
by Lydia Hardwick
Artist Statement
hereliesart/jolanta_jagiello.jpgRuffled Black Plumes
by Jolanta Jagiello
Artist Statement
hereliesart/megan_broadmeadow.JPGNow I lay Thee Down
by Megan Broadmeadow
Artist Statement