Messages, Medals and Memorials Deeds Not Words



3rd-15th December 2002

co-curated by Jolanta Jagiello and Jane Miller


A Group of Artists, One Archivist, One Archive of Architectural Review, Pairs of White gloves and One Lecture Theatre


Each artist chooses a month and year between 1897 and 1995. The archivist references those copies of Architectural Review. With white gloves on, the artist finds a page number that inspires them to construct a piece of artwork in response to the text and the images.The collection of artworks is housed in the Lecture Theatre creating an architects cabinet of curiosities acquired from the fertile imagination of their mind.


A mixed-media group show with towering aspirations!

MoDArchitecture/jonathon_carson.JPGSeasons Ceased, Introspection Complete
by Jonathon Carson
Artist Statement
by Helen Chambers
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/grace_clifford.jpgNo mans land
by Grace Clifford
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/adam_foreman.jpgPromise Docklands houses sold down the river
by Adam Forman
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/charlotte_illingworth.jpgBuilt Up
by Charlotte Illingworth
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/jolanta_jagiello.jpgNot funny
by Jolanta Jagiello
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/audrey_jemmett.jpgCastle Lugaborougha
by Audrey Jemmett
Artist Statement
by Belma Lugic
Artist Statement
by Andrew MacDonald
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/catrin_morgan.jpgTasaksaki Court, Wilson Wonderland, Retreats of Fashion
by Catrin Morgan
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/emma_nicholson.jpgthe golden tulip
by Emma Nicholson
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/nick_person.jpgBirths, Marriages, Births
by Nick Pearson
Artist Statement
by Heken Scalway
Artist Statement
by Tony Stallard
Artist Statement
by Claire Tindale
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/jane_ward.jpgSkyscape from In the bay shining
by Jane Ward
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/james_whitelock.jpgTHE RIGHT STUFF
by James Whitelock
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/lynne_williams.jpgTop performance
by Lynne Williams
Artist Statement
MoDArchitecture/steve_wright.jpgEntrance Exit
by Steve Wright
Artist Statement