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Open Desk After School


25th July to 4th September 2005

Ragged School Museum

Curated by Jolanta Jagiello

In the 19th Century Victorian Classroom 20 schooldesks open to the public with artwork based on the history of the Ragged Schoolchildren

Ragged Schools were started in the mid-18th Century to provide an education for the poorest of the poor. These schools gave thousands of poor children a free education, free meals in the winter months and assistance towards finding work after they left the school. In 1877, Dr Barnardo opened the Copperfield Road Ragged School for children between the ages of 5 to 10 years. By 1879 it was the largest Ragged day School in London. It closed in 1908 as pupils started to attend local council schools which were free from 1890.

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Funded By:
opendesk/afterschool_desk1.jpgDesk 1 - If Only You Could Tell
by Helen O leary
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk2.jpgDesk 2 - Regents Canal Ragged Ripples
by Jolanta Jagiello
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk3.jpgDesk 3 - School Dinners
by Henny Burnett
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk4.jpgDesk 4 - Work to Eat
by Kathryn Cottee
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk5.jpgDesk 5 - Extracts 1870
by William Simpson
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk6.jpgDesk 6 - Bundles
by Deborah Gardner
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk7.jpgDesk 7 - Barnardo Baptism
by Carol Wong
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk8.jpgDesk 8 - The Lesson Backbone
by Joan Edlis
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk9.jpgDesk 9 - Hidden Lives
by Melanie Wagner
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk10.jpgDesk 10 - Time between 1905 and 2005
by Mari Teruachi
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk11.jpgDesk 11 - Ragged School Scholars - Waiting to be admitted to the Free Breakfast
by Carol Ballard
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk12.jpgDesk 12 - Through here we have ...
by Sharon Forsythe
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk13.jpgDesk 13 - Two by Two
by Amanda Ralph
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk14.jpgDesk 14 - Hands
by Ayiko Yamamoto
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk15.jpgDesk 15 - Girls Sew, Boys Saw
by Hilary Sleiman
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk16.jpgDesk 16 - With one stone
by Elaine Arkell
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk17.jpgDesk 17 - Making your Mark, Not a Blot on your Copybook
by Pippa Jameson-Evans
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk18.jpgDesk 18 - John Deller
by The persitence of vision
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk19.jpgDesk 19 - The sound of objects
by Darryl Moore
Artist Statement
opendesk/afterschool_desk20.jpgDesk 20 - Anonymous Book Space
by Georgina Phipps
Artist Statement