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Take A Pew


Take A Pew: A Public Art Exhibition of Rites and Rituals

Inside St Augustine's Church on the Pews, 29th May-29th June 2010

Co-Curated by Jolanta Jagiello and Sara Scott

A Public Art Exhibition of over 20 artists will take place on the pews in the church of St Augustine in Forest Hill. St Augustine is an Anglican parish neo-gothic church, and was consecrated in 1874. The tower was added in 1887, to mark the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victorias accession to throne. As the local population grew an additional aisle was added on the North side in 1900. The church was restored after being bombed in the 2nd World War, and is a Grade 2 listed building.

The exhibition will take place on the 9 pews on the right-hand side of the church, and the 11 pews at the back of the church, with installations on the prayer stools. The pews are long bench seats used for seating members of a congregation. The rise of the sermon made the pew an indispensable item of church furniture. In churches with no general public seating, pews were installed at the expense of the congregants, and were their personal property, pew deeds recorded title to the pews.

Each artist has been given a title deed to Take A Pew over temporarily to display an exciting array of artwork to the general public in a variety of media. Ceramics, textiles, metalwork, photography will grace the pew shelves. From communion wafers, prayer books, palm leaves, wedding cakes, piano keys, elbow rests, to church architecture inspired by the rites, rituals and festivals that occur over the year in the church. The exhibition draws on a number of religions which make up our multi-faith society today. Co-curated by Artist-curator Jolanta Jagiello and The Reverend Sara Scott, a perfect marriage of art and spirituality created by the soul of the artist awaits you!

Participating Artists

Lorenzo Belenguer, Debora Mo, Emma Hobbins, Nick Baelz, Jean Hill, Sara Scott, Desiree Ickerodt, Jolanta Jagiello, Austin Emery, Jill Rock, Mali, Jayne Lloyd, Nadia Berri, Megan Broadmeadow, Julia Peat, Deborah Gardner, Elisabetta Fussi, Julia Dennis, Stephen Duncan, Dorothy Love, Robert Aldous, and Elizabeth Chojak-Mysko.

Private View on the 3rd June 2010

Poetry Performances organised by Narayani Guibarra- Wordy Girl. Sound by Larry Poultin.

Opening Times:

Tues 6pm-9pm, Sat: 11am-5pm, Sun: Noon-5pm.


Trains from London Bridge 15 minutes to Honor Oak Park.

takeapew/pew_bob_aldous.jpgNights Blue Lake
by Bob Aldous
Artist Statement
by Elizabeth Chojak-Myszko
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_lorenzo_belenguer.jpgObject 31
by Lorenzo Belenguer
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_debora_mo.jpgKeep the Rite Lite...
by Debora Mo
Artist Statement
by Jean Hill
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_emma_hobbins.jpgFishes of the Sea
by Emma Hobbins
Artist Statement
by Nick Baelz
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_desiree.jpgInner Reflection – male and female
by Desiree Ickerdot
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_sara_scott.jpgSoul Stoles
by Sara Scott
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_jolanta_jagiello.jpgOh Come Holy Faithful!
by Jolanta Jagiello
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_austin_emery.jpgPew Queque
by Austin Emery
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_mali.jpgWedding Cake
by Mali
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_elisabetta_fumigalli.jpgHoly Land
by Elizabetta Fumigalli
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_jayne_lloyd.jpgArt Collection
by Jayne Lloyd
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_stephen_duncan.jpgPrayers and Psalms
by Stephen Duncan
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_jill_rock.jpgTree of Life
by Jill Rock
Artist Statement
by Julia Dennis
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_megan_broadmeadow.jpgThe Book of Common Prayer……
by Megan Broadmeadow
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_deborah_gardner.jpgObjects of Desire
by Deborah Gardner
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_julia_peat.jpgA Small Piece of the Bigger Picture (2010)
by Julia Peat
Artist Statement
takeapew/pew_nadia_berri.jpgThe ones at the Back
by Nadia Berri
Artist Statement