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What's that in the Woods?


Outdoor Art Exhibition and Storytelling
St David's Park next to Millfield Art Centre, 5 July - 22 August 2004, Curated by Jolanta Jagiello with creative workshops for children and adults in partnership with FaceFront Theatre and Chameleon Arts.

Artists created sculpture and installation art celebrating different cultural traditions of story telling. Information about the stories that inspired the work were available at Millfield Arts Centre and the Enfield Libraries.

Face Front/Community drama project
Face Front Theatre Company, working with an inclusive community drama group, developed performance story telling in a series of workshops at Milllfield Arts Centre during May and June. The story telling brought the art alive and gave a tantalising glimpse into familiar and unfamiliar stories encouraging children to go on to find out how the story ends.

Story telling for schools and open to families
Ten local schools from the Education Action Zone came to see the exhibition in the last weeks of term and enjoyed the storytelling performance. There was a series of open free story telling performances during the August holidays, when parents, children and friends visited the exhibition and enjoyed the park. Sunday 1 Aug: 12 noon and 1.30pm Wednesday 4 Aug: 1.30pm and 3 pm.

Holiday workshops for children
Finally, as part of Summer Holiday programme, Millfield ran a Creative Art Week linked in to the theme of the exhibition. This provided workshops in a range of visual art techniques, pottery and performance art exploring Modern Myths and Urban Fairytales. Mon 26 - Fri 30 July. Time: 10am - 4pm. This programme was run by Chameleon Arts, resident Youth Arts Company at Millfield Arts Centre and Lesley Mc Shea ceramic artist.

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Funded By:
woods/what - joan edlis.jpgTalking with the Earth
by Joan Edlis
Artist Statement
woods/what - marilyn collins.jpgPlay is the important thing
by Marilyn Collins
Artist Statement
woods/what - sonia Kerkoff.jpgParking Spaces for Important Visitors
by Sonja van Kerkhoff
Artist Statement
woods/what - Sara breen.jpgfound
by Sarah Breen
Artist Statement
woods/what - rebecca chitty.jpgDream Home 2
by Rebecca Chitty
Artist Statement
woods/what - Kathy Allsop.jpgWhats in the woods
by Kathy Allsop
Artist Statement
woods/what - daniel lehan.jpgSilver Hands
by Daniel Lehan
Artist Statement
woods/what - melanie wagner.jpgthe travelling pigs
by Melanie Wagner
Artist Statement
woods/what - susi martintaylor.jpgAn Ill Wind
by Susan Martin-Taylor
Artist Statement
woods/what - elaine arkell.jpgThe Woman Who lived in a Shoe
by Elaine Arkell
Artist Statement
woods/what - james whitelock.jpgThe Helicopter Spies
by James Whitelock
Artist Statement
woods/WhaT-Nyar - upoko.jpgNjar-Upoko
by Abieyuwa Ighodaro
Artist Statement
woods/what - caroline ross.jpgTrans Form
by Caroline Ross
Artist Statement
woods/what - kathryn cottee.jpgExplanations later
by Kathryn Cottee
Artist Statement
woods/what - Sally lemsford.jpgQuest
by Sally Lemsford
Artist Statement
woods/what - loiuse Konsinka.jpgBlueprints
by Louise Kosinska
Artist Statement
woods/what - monica wheeler.jpgThe other world
by Monika Wheeler
Artist Statement
woods/what - Jane Cunninghman.jpgI see a voice
by Jane Cuningham
Artist Statement
woods/what - claire tanner.jpgWishing Chair
by Claire Tanner
Artist Statement
woods/what - belinda tourner.jpgGreen Sour Ringlets
by Belinda Tournier
Artist Statement
woods/what - marcus quintal.jpgRe-transformation of the Dragon
by Marcus Quintal
Artist Statement
woods/what - jolanta jagiello.jpgRound and Round We Go
by Jolanta Jagiello
Artist Statement
woods/what - darashana vora.jpgEnvironment 4
by Darshana Vora
Artist Statement